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San Antonio tmj dentistIf you think you’re one of the millions of Americans who suffer from TMJ or temporomandibular joint disorder, a TMJ professional is the solution to your problem. We have the best TMJ professional at Brightest Smiles Dentist Finder, who can deliver you with the best treatment depending on the diagnosis of its source. Since several reasons cause the disorder, a TMJ dental professional have to examine the patient first before the suggestion of a treatment method.

The malocclusion of the bite, the imbalance of the bite, or stress are some of the causes of TMJ. Either of these factors will induce the disorder. As TMJ influences the capability of the patient to eat, chew, speak, breathe, swallow, and even make facial expressions, short term alleviation by hot compress will help ease the discomfort. The severe disorder causes discomfort to the patient.

We recommend the management of TMJ utilizing easy care at Brightest Smiles Dentist Finder. The use of hot or cold compress and over-the-counter medicines can help minimize pain without the medication of dental specialists. If you think you need the assistance of a TMJ professional, although, you can go to your local dental office. Much like with any disorder, it’s always wise to let the dental experts carry out the treatment.

Unlike various other conditions, it is difficult to diagnose TMJ simply because several other conditions like sinus problems as well as toothaches show the same signs. In case you think you have TMJ and would prefer to have a TMJ specialist diagnose your problem, do not think twice about getting a scheduled visit with us!

Frequently Asked Questions About TMJ Specialist

What Causes TMJ Disorders?

Factors like injuries to the jaw area, infection, genes, arthritis, and abnormal bite position likewise result in TMJ, apart from stress.

Is It Possible To Treat TMJ at Home?

Certainly, you are able to relieve the pain and discomfort by either hot or cold compress on the sides of the face affected by the TMJ disorder. You could also buy over-the-counter medicines to relieve your problem. You know it’s time for you to visit the dental professional when you still suffer from the discomfort right after performing these home solutions.

Can TMJ Exercises Relieve the Pain?

There aren’t any evidences on the good results associated with TMJ exercises, although, a few specialists say it can boost the patient’s range of the mouth opening. Given that there is not any harm in undertaking the exercises, you could try executing them and discover for yourself whether they are helpful or otherwise not.